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If you play hoops, you must know the feeling of going to a basketball court and finding out for some reason that there’s no decent ball around. Trying to play with a half inflated or worn out slippery basketball, can be one of the more frustrating things as a Baller. Serious Ballers make sure to bring their own ball to the court.

Here are some considerations for finding the best basketball for you:

Budget: If you’re a hardcore basketball player, spending a little more on a high quality basketball can be a great investment (especially if you’re looking to go pro). Basketball prices can range anywhere between $6 to $100, but that’s not to say you can’t get a great basketball for around $20-$30. Price is usually affected by the ball material: Rubber (usually Outdoor basketballs) is cheapest, Synthetic Composite (usually Indoor/Outdoor basketballs) is more expensive, and Leather (almost always Indoor basketballs) is most expensive. Define what you’re willing to pay and read customer reviews to find the highest rated basketball within your price range.

Where you play: Where you play is directly connected to the type of Basketball basketball legends you buy: if you play mostly streetball outdoors, buying an overpriced indoor leather basketball is probably a complete waste of money. Leather balls have a very short lifespan bouncing on dust filled cement or concrete. On the other hand, if you play mostly indoors, a leather ball will give you the best possible bounce, grip and general feel. For serious Ballers who play both indoors and outdoors, I recommend buying a synthetic Indoor/Outdoor basketball. Synthetic “hybrids” offer the best of both worlds- the accuracy and feel of a leather basketball, with the hardiness of a rubber ball.

How often you play: Good basketballs, when treated properly, can last years without losing their quality. A decent ball should be able to provide anywhere between 500-5000 hours of play, depending on the terrain (doesn’t sound like much, but do the math and you’ll see most ballers don’t reach 500 hours a year). Many players will tell you that a good basketball actually feels better after a few months of wear than a brand new one. The general rule is simple- the more you play, the more durable your ball will need to be and the more justification there is to spending a high price tag.

In conclusion, each ball has something else to offer- be it better grip, bounce, durability or simply a cheaper price. Define your budget and requirements. Ask friends, take a look at what other ballers are bringing to court, and check out reviews online. Doing this will hopefully help you find the best basketball ball online!