Cisco CCNA Certification: Becoming A Truly Valuable CCNA


I have been active in the Cisco Certification track for four decades, working my way from the CCNA to the coveted Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert title, and during this time I’ve conducted job interviews and casual conversations with hundreds of CCNAs and CCNA candidates.More info

The CCNA is an exciting start to your Cisco profession, but only using the certification simply is not enough. Interviewer or A recruiter is not going to be impressed using the cert; you have got to get some knowledge to back up this.

I have been down that road myself, and sat on each side of this CCNA job meeting table. Bearing that in mind, I’d love to provide some hints on getting a CCNA that is valuable and employable.

Get some hands-on expertise. I understand the snare you also can not get a CCNA, and you can not get experience until you get a CCNA. Well you can, however would you like to? Working on simulators is nice to a certain degree, but do not make the mistake of depending on these. I have seen lots of CCNAs that were put before a pair of routers and did not know exactly what to do or how to collect a configuration and had NO idea.

You will find CCNA courses that provide you the opportunity to work with business specialists on real Cisco equipment. By purchasing routers, you can put together your own CCNA rack. This really is the basis of your career, although some people today believe that is a great deal of cash. Treat it like that. The job you do is. Can it. The skills I’ve learned as I was assisted by a CCNA all the way up.

Besides, once you receive your CCNA (and then, hopefully you will opt to pursue the CCNP), then you could always get a few of your cash by selling the gear. The expertise is valuable.

Know binary math. Do NOT go the path of using a mask graph. I understand some people today think of being able to pass the CCNA exam without really comprehending mathematics. I have seen those folks and they are not laughing when I ask them to perform a question. They are not laughing if they make or can not describe a VLSM strategy. That graph does nothing that will assist you understand what is happening.