The Stabilizing Power

As we go through life things happen to us to get us off course. Things that make us wonder about the true benevolence, kindness and love of life and the universe. The beauty of meditation is that when you meditate you truly get grounded with life and you are able to see how everything is really well and going the way it’s supposed to. You are doing your part, others are doing their part and together the world is a beautiful place for everyone to live in. As corny as it may sound, I truly believe you will find that meditation brings you to the point of recognizing the beauty of the world around you simply by forcing you to stop and recognize it.

But of course in this beautiful world we live in there is pain and there is suffering. When we are faced with this pain and suffering we are faced with two choices. One choice is to get stuck in that pain and we stay there for days, weeks, months, years, even an entire lifetime. The other choice is that we can work through that pain, come to terms with what it means for our life, how it’s actually there to help us grow and then grow from it. Because of these challenges in life it is important to stay grounded. It is important to stay close to the center of what life is all about, the beauty of life, the wonder of life. Meditation is really the most powerful tool, the most powerful force that you can draw upon to get through your day, through your year, through your life. When those challenges come, if you’re meditating every day, every night, it doesn’t take long to get re-grounded and re-centered back to why you are here, what your purpose is and what you’re supposed to learn from the challenges that are facing you right now.

Challenges will come; it’s a part of living. They help us grow, they help us become stronger and as we get stronger more challenges come. What meditation does is keep you so that when challenges come you are able to face them with a full cup. You’re able to face it grounded and with everything you have inside of you because you know and you are aware of who and what you are through meditation. There have been many challenges throughout my life and I feel that I have been blessed through each and every one of them because no matter what comes from each and every one of them I know that from my own personal experience, that no matter what comes my way I’m taking care of myself. I’m grounded in the purpose and meaning of life by being still, by being silent, by being present with what is. visit:-